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Man quotes (67)

Its not the men in my life that count its the life in my men.
Mae West   Category: Man

Since a rational mans ambition is unlimited since his pursuit and achievement of values is a lifelong process and the higher the values the harder the struggle he needs a moment an hour or some period of time in which he can experience the sense of his completed task the sense of living in a universe where his values have been successfully achieved. It is like a moment of rest a moment to gain fuel to move farther.
Ayn Rand   Category: Man

A man does not die of love or his liver or even of old age; he dies of being a man.
Percival Arland Ussher   Category: Man

The male is a domestic animal which if treated with firmness and kindness can be trained to do most things.
Jilly Cooper   Category: Man

Being a woman is a terribly difficult trade since it consists pricipally of dealing with men.
Joseph Conrad   Category: Man

An American Monkey after getting drunk on Brandy would never touch it again and thus is much wiser than most men.
Charles Robert Darwin   Category: Man

Man! Thou pendulum betwixt a smile and tear.
Lord George Gordon Byron   Category: Man

It takes one woman twenty years to make a man of her son and another woman twenty minutes to make a fool of him.
Helen Rowland   Category: Man

To attract men I wear a perfume called New Car Interior.
Rita Rudner   Category: Man

There are two things no man will admit he cannot do well: drive and make love.
Stirling Moss   Category: Man

So great has been the endurance so incredible the achievement that as long as the sun keeps a set course in heaven it would be foolish to despair of the human race.
Ernest L. Woodward   Category: Man

Women and God are the two rocks on which a man must either anchor or be wrecked.
Fredrick William Robertson   Category: Man

A man on a date wonders if hell get lucky. The woman already knows.
Monica Piper   Category: Man

Man is not the creature of circumstances. Circumstances are the creature of man.
Benjamin Disraeli   Category: Man

Men who get on well with women are usually those who know how to get on without them.
Lord Mancroft   Category: Man

There is no sweeter sound than the crumbling of your fellow man.
Groucho Marx   Category: Man

Man is the Reasoning Animal. Such is the claim. I think it is open to dispute. Indeed my experiments have proven to me that he is the Unreasoning Animal... In truth man is incurably foolish. Simple things which other animals easily learn he is incapable of learning. Among my experiments was this. In an hour I taught a cat and a dog to be friends. I put them in a cage. In another hour I taught them to be friends with a rabbit. In the course of two days I was able to add a fox a goose a squirrel and some doves. Finally a monkey. They lived together in peace; even affectionately.
Mark Twain   Category: Man

There are three classes of men--lovers of wisdom lovers of honour lovers of gain.
Aristotle   Category: Man

The most common of all antagonisms arises from a mans taking a seat beside you on the train a seat to which he is completely entitled.
Robert Charles Benchley   Category: Man

If you had to work in the environment of Washington D.C. as I do and watch those men who are so imprisoned and so confined by their eighteenth-century thought patterns you would know that if anybody is going to be liberated its men who must be liberated in this country.
Barbara Jordan   Category: Man

MAN n. An animal so lost in rapturous contemplation of what he thinks he is as to overlook what he indubitably ought to be.
Ambrose Gwinett Bierce   Category: Man

I decline to accept the end of man. It is easy enough to say that man is immortal simply because he will endure: that when the last ding-dong of doom has clanged and faded from the last worthless rock hanging tideless in the last red and dying evening th
William Faulkner   Category: Man

I am not just another notch on your belt? she asked him. Of course not. he said as he put a mark on the chalkboard.
Jay Leno   Category: Man

Fixd like a plant on his peculiar spot To draw nutrition propagate and rot.
Alexander Pope   Category: Man

A man can be destroyed but not defeated.
Ernest Hemingway   Category: Man

Men exist for the sake of one another. Teach them then or bear with them.
Marcus Aurelius Antoninus   Category: Man

A man may be so much of everything that he is nothing of anything.
Dr. Samuel Johnson   Category: Man

I shall live badly if I do not write and I shall write badly if I do not live.
Francois Sagan   Category: Man

If you think the United States has stood still who built the largest shopping center in the world?
Richard Milhouse Nixon   Category: Man

Male chauvinism is ... a shrewd method of extracting the maximum of work for the minimum of compensation.
Michael Korda   Category: Man

That subtle knot which makes us man: So must pure lovers souls descend T affections and to faculties Which sense may reach and apprehend Else a great Prince in prison lies.
John Donne   Category: Man

A man who has no office to go to I don't care who he is is a trial of which you can have no conception.
George Bernard Shaw   Category: Man

Reason in man is rather like God in the world.
Saint Thomas Aquinas   Category: Man

Women want mediocre men and men are working to become as mediocre as possible.
Margaret Mead   Category: Man

A man is a bundle of relations a knot of roots whose flower and fruitage is the world.
Douglas Jerrold   Category: Man

You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.
James D. Miles   Category: Man

His voice was as intimate as the rustle of sheets.
Dorothy Parker   Category: Man

Tempt not a desperate man.
William Shakespeare   Category: Man

Measure wealth not by the things you have but by the things you have for which you would not take money.
Unknown   Category: Man

Men are rewarded or punished not for what they do but for how their acts are defined. That is why men are more interested in better justifying themselves than in better behaving themselves.
Thomas S. Szasz   Category: Man

Man is a tool-using animal.
Thomas Carlyle   Category: Man

Man has his will but woman has her way.
Oliver Wendell Holmes   Category: Man

It is is men as in soils where sometimes there is a vein of gold which the owner knows not.
Jonathan Swift   Category: Man

What a chimera then is man! What a novelty! What a monster what a chaos what a subject of contradiction what a prodigy! Judge of all things feeble earthworm depository of truth a sink of uncertainty and error the glory and the shame of the universe.
Blaise Pascal   Category: Man

Mens minds are raised to the level of the women with whom they associate.
Alexandre Dumas   Category: Man

I'm not denyin' the women are foolish: God Almighty made ‘em to match the men.
George Eliot   Category: Man

He was a foe without hate; a friend without treachery; a soldier without cruelty; a victor without oppression and a victim without murmuring. He was a public officer without vices; a private citizen without wrong; a neighbor without reproach; a Christian without hypocrisy and a man without guile. He was a Caesar without his ambition; Frederick without his tyranny; Napoleon without his selfishness and Washington without his reward.
Benjamin Harvey Hill   Category: Man

A man is called a good fellow for doing things which if done by a woman would land her in a lunatic asylum.
Henry Louis Mencken   Category: Man

Though conditions have grown puzzling in their complexity though changes have been vast yet we may remain absolutely sure of one thing; that now as ever in the past and as it will ever be in-the future there can be no substitute for elemental virtues for the elemental qualities to which we allude when we speak of a man not only as a good man but as emphatically a man. We can build up the standard of individual citizenship and individual well-being we can raise the national standard and make it what it can and shall be made only by each of us steadfastly keeping in mind that there can be no substitute for the world-old commonplace qualities of truth justice and courage thrift industry common sense and genuine sympathy with the fellow feelings of others.
Theodore Roosevelt   Category: Man

Men are men before they are lawyers or physicians or merchants or manufacturers; and if you make them capable and sensible men they will make themselves capable and sensible lawyers or physicians.
John Stuart Mill   Category: Man

Men are cruel but Man is kind.
Rabindranath Tagore   Category: Man

We are living at an important and fruitful moment now for it is clear to men that the images of adult manhood given by the popular culture are worn out; a man can no longer depend on them. By the time a man is thirty-five he knows that the images of the right man the tough man the true man which he received in high school do not work in life.
Robert Bly   Category: Man

One of the rarest things that a man ever does is to do the best he can.
Josh Billings   Category: Man

Men cease to interest us when we find their limitations.
Ralph Waldo Emerson   Category: Man

There are two great classes of men: the people and the scholars the men of science. For the former nothing exists but that which directly leads to action. It is for the latter to see beyond. They are the free artists who create the future and its history the conscious architects of the world.
Johann Gottlieb Fichte   Category: Man

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.
Henry David Thoreau   Category: Man

The release of atom power has changed everything except our way of thinking ... the solution to this problem lies in the heart of mankind. If only I had known I should have become a watchmaker.
Albert Einstein   Category: Man

There are two things a real man likes danger and play. And he likes women because she is the most dangerous of playthings.
Friedrich Nietzsche   Category: Man

Thats one small step for a man one giant leap for mankind.
Neil Alden Armstrong   Category: Man

Who is wise? He that learns from everyone. Who is powerful? He that governs his passions.
Benjamin Franklin   Category: Man

Could anything be absurder than humans? The animal who knows everything about himself-except why we were born and the meaning of our unique life?
Storm Jameson   Category: Man

Men are tormented by their own opinions of things not by the things themselves.
Proverb   Category: Man

For men at most differ as Heaven and Earth But women worst and best as Heaven and Hell.
Lord Alfred Tennyson   Category: Man

A gentleman will not insult me and no man not a gentleman can insult me.
Frederick Douglass   Category: Man

Men are disturbed not by things that happen but by their opinion of things that happen.
Epictetus   Category: Man

Man is a reasoning rather than a reasonable animal.
Alexander Hamilton   Category: Man

Maybe in order to understand mankind we have to look at the word itself: Mankind. Basically its made up of two separate words - mank and ind. What do these words mean? Its a mystery and thats why so is mankind.
Jack Handey   Category: Man