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love quotes (139)

Love is the power to see similarity in the dissimilar.
Theodor Adorno   Category: Love

All love shifts and changes. I don't know if you can be wholeheartedly in love all the time.
Julie Andrews   Category: Love

Love is a force more formidable than any other. It is invisible - it cannot be seen or measured, yet it is powerful enough to transform you in a moment, and offer you more joy than any material possession could.
Barbara de Angelis   Category: Love

Love's greatest gift is its ability to make everything it touches sacred.
Barbara de Angelis   Category: Love

Love takes up where knowledge leaves off.
Thomas Aquinas   Category: Love

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.
Aristotle   Category: Love

Love is the beauty of the soul.
Saint Augustine   Category: Love

Can miles truly separate you from friends... If you want to be with someone you love, aren't you already there?
Richard Bach   Category: Love

What the world really needs is more love and less paper work.
Pearl Bailey   Category: Love

Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle, love is a war; love is a growing up.
James A. Baldwin   Category: Love

Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within.
James A. Baldwin   Category: Love

A woman knows the face of the man she loves as a sailor knows the open sea.
Honore de Balzac   Category: Love

Love is the poetry of the senses.
Honore de Balzac   Category: Love

The fact is that love is of two kinds, one which commands, and one which obeys. The two are quite distinct, and the passion to which the one gives rise is not the passion of the other.
Honore de Balzac   Category: Love

Love that is not madness is not love.
Pedro Calderon de la Barca   Category: Love

When love is not madness, it is not love.
Pedro Calderon de la Barca   Category: Love

When you're in love you never really know whether your elation comes from the qualities of the one you love, or if it attributes them to her; whether the light which surrounds her like a halo comes from you, from her, or from the meeting of your sparks.
Natalie Clifford Barney   Category: Love

A kiss is a rosy dot over the 'i' of loving.
Cyrano de Bergerac   Category: Love

A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.
Ingrid Bergman   Category: Love

Your words are my food, your breath my wine. You are everything to me.
Sarah Bernhardt   Category: Love

A man content to go to heaven alone will never go to heaven.
Boethius   Category: Love

Who would give a law to lovers? Love is unto itself a higher law.
Boethius   Category: Love

All my life, my heart has yearned for a thing I cannot name.
Andre Breton   Category: Love

Love is when you meet someone who tells you something new about yourself.
Andre Breton   Category: Love

Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.
Emily Bronte   Category: Love

A kiss makes the heart young again and wipes out the years.
Rupert Brooke   Category: Love

When you love a man, he becomes more than a body. His physical limbs expand, and his outline recedes, vanishes. He is rich and sweet and right. He is part of the world, the atmosphere, the blue sky and the blue water.
Gwendolyn Brooks   Category: Love

The best proof of love is trust.
Joyce Brothers   Category: Love

Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.
H. Jackson Brown, Jr.   Category: Love

Who so loves believes the impossible.
Elizabeth Barrett Browning   Category: Love

Take away love and our earth is a tomb.
Robert Browning   Category: Love

We perceive when love begins and when it declines by our embarrassment when alone together.
Jean de la Bruyere   Category: Love

To enlarge or illustrate this power and effect of love is to set a candle in the sun.
Robert Burton   Category: Love

Love is always bestowed as a gift - freely, willingly and without expectation. We don't love to be loved; we love to love.
Leo Buscaglia   Category: Love

Love is life. And if you miss love, you miss life.
Leo Buscaglia   Category: Love

Sometimes it's a form of love just to talk to somebody that you have nothing in common with and still be fascinated by their presence.
David Byrne   Category: Love

Friendship is Love without his wings!
Lord Byron   Category: Love

A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge.
Thomas Carlyle   Category: Love

Where there is great love, there are always wishes.
Willa Cather   Category: Love

Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin   Category: Love

The way to love anything is to realize that it may be lost.
Gilbert K. Chesterton   Category: Love

Love is the word used to label the sexual excitement of the young, the habituation of the middle-aged, and the mutual dependence of the old.
John Ciardi   Category: Love

One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving.
Paulo Coelho   Category: Love

Sympathy constitutes friendship; but in love there is a sort of antipathy, or opposing passion. Each strives to be the other, and both together make up one whole.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge   Category: Love

Friendship often ends in love; but love in friendship - never.
Charles Caleb Colton   Category: Love

Say what you will, 'tis better to be left than never to have been loved.
William Congreve   Category: Love

Woe to the man whose heart has not learned while young to hope, to love - and to put its trust in life.
Joseph Conrad   Category: Love

We are all born for love. It is the principle of existence, and its only end.
Benjamin Disraeli   Category: Love

More than kisses, letters mingle souls.
John Donne   Category: Love

I believe in the compelling power of love. I do not understand it. I believe it to be the most fragrant blossom of all this thorny existence.
Theodore Dreiser   Category: Love

To love abundantly is to live abundantly, and to love forever is to live forever.
Henry Drummond   Category: Love

You will find as you look back upon your life that the moments when you have truly lived are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of love.
Henry Drummond   Category: Love

Love is love's reward.
John Dryden   Category: Love

Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity.
Henry Van Dyke   Category: Love

I like not only to be loved, but also to be told I am loved.
George Eliot   Category: Love

The art of love is largely the art of persistence.
Albert Ellis   Category: Love

All mankind love a lover.
Ralph Waldo Emerson   Category: Love

You don't have to go looking for love when it's where you come from.
Werner Erhard   Category: Love

Love is all we have, the only way that each can help the other.
Euripides   Category: Love

Nobody has ever measured, not even poets, how much the heart can hold.
Zelda Fitzgerald   Category: Love

The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.
Ferdinand Foch   Category: Love

If you could only love enough, you could be the most powerful person in the world.
Emmet Fox   Category: Love

Immature love says: 'I love you because I need you.' Mature love says 'I need you because I love you.'
Erich Fromm   Category: Love

In love the paradox occurs that two beings become one and yet remain two.
Erich Fromm   Category: Love

Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.
Robert Frost   Category: Love

Love is metaphysical gravity.
R. Buckminster Fuller   Category: Love

There is more pleasure in loving than in being beloved.
Thomas Fuller   Category: Love

Love is a game that two can play and both win.
Eva Gabor   Category: Love

For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.
Judy Garland   Category: Love

I can live without money, but I cannot live without love.
Judy Garland   Category: Love