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Prophet Muhammad quotes (79)

A sincere repenter of faults is like him who hath committed none.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Repent

A Muslim who mixeth with people and putteth up with their inconveniences is better than one who doth not mix with them and bear with patience.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Neighbor

Some eloquence is like magic.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Eloquence

The man who is most hateful to God is the one who quarrels and disputes most.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Love

Do you love your creator? Love your fellow-beings first.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Islam

Give the laborer his wage before his perspiration be dry.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Labor

The rights of women are sacred. See that women are maintained in the rights assigned to them.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Women

The best of good acts in Gods sight is that which is constantly attended to although in a small degree.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Progress

God is One and liketh unity.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: God

Muhammad said That person will not enter Paradise who hath one atom of pride in his heart. And a man present said Verily a man is fond of having good clothes and good shoes. Muhammad said God is Beauty and delighteth in the beautiful; but pride is holding man in contempt.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Beauty

The best Muslim house is that in which is an orphan who is benefited; and the worst Muslim house is that in which an orphan is ill-treated.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Children

Backbiting vitiates ablution and fasting.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Fasting

There is a devil in every berry of the grape.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Alcohol

Verily of things which I fear for you after my departure from the world is this: that the ornaments and goods of the world may be pleasing to you. Then a man said O Messenger of God! Doth good bring harm? Lord Muhammad said Verily good doth not bring harm: I mean if there be much wealth it is a blessing; and there is no harm in it unless from stinginess and extravagance; like the spring which causeth nothing to grow but what is good: and harm and destruction are from abuse thereof.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Prophecy

When the bier of anyone passeth by thee whether Jew Christian or Muslim rise to thy feet.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Christianity

A virtuous wife is a mans best treasure.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Wife

There are two benefits of which the generality of men are the losers and of which they do not know the value.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Benefit

There are six good qualities which one believer should display to another; he should visit him when he is ill be present when he dies accept his invitation when he gives one salute him when he meets him say God have mercy on you when he sneezes and act sincerely towards him whether he is absent or present.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Belief

Muhammad said O Wabisah! are you come to ask what is goodness and what is badness? Wabisah said Yes I am come for that. Then He joined his fingers and struck them upon Wabisahs breast that is made a sign towards his heart and said Ask the question from thine own heart. This he repeated three times aloud and said Goodness is a thing from which thy heart findeth firmness and rest; and badness is a thing which throweth thee into doubt although men may acquit thee.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Heart

A man came to Muhammad and said Verily I love you. He replied Look to what you say. And the man said By God! I love youand repeated the same twice. Lord Muhammad said If you are sincere then prepare yourself for poverty: for poverty reacheth him who loveth me quicker than a torrent reacheth the sea.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Poverty

A woman may be married by four qualifications: one on account of her money; another on account of the nobility of her pedigree; another on account of her beauty; the fourth on account of her virtue. Therefore look out for a woman that hath virtue: but if you do it from any other consideration your hands be rubbed in dirt.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Marriage

Verily to honor an old man is showing respect to God.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Old

I and a woman whose color and cheeks shall have become black from toiling in the sun shall be near to one another in the next world as my two fingers; and that is a handsome widow whose color and cheeks shall have become black in bringing up her family.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Widow

Every eye is an adulterer; and every woman perfumeth herself and goeth to an assembly where men are wishing to show herself to them with a look of lasciviousness is an adultress.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Adultery

What is Paradise? Muhammad replied It is what the eye hath not seen nor the ear heard nor ever flashed across the mind of man.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Heaven

If you spend (to help others) O son of Adam! I [God] shall spend on you.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Adam

When anyone was sick Muhammad used to rub his hands upon the sick persons body saying O Lord of mankind! Take away this pain and give health; for Thou art the giver of health: there is no health bu Thine that health which leaveth no sickness.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Kindness

Act kindly towards women for they were created from a rib and the most crooked part of the rib is its top. If you attempt to straighten it you will break it if you leave it alone it will remain crooked: so act kindly towards women.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Quality

Be in the world like a traveller or like a passer on and reckon yourself as of the dead.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: World

Your smiling in your brothers face is charity; and your exhorting man to virtuous deeds is charity; and your prohibiting the forbidden is charity; and your showing men the road in the land in which they lose it is charity; and your assisting the blind is charity.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Charity

Muhammad said That person will not enter Paradise who hath one atom of pride in his heart. And a man present said Verily a man is fond of having good clothes and good shoes. Lord Muhammad said God is Beauty and delighteth in the beautiful; but pride is holding man incontempt.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Pride

The thing which is lawful but disliked by God is divorce.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Divorce

Verily you have two qualities which God and His Messenger love - fortitude and gentleness.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Gentle

No person hath drunk a better draught than that of anger which he hath swallowed for Gods sake.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Control

God loveth those who are content.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Content

A mans first charity should be to his own family if poor.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Relatives

Whoso hath a thing wherewith to discharge a debt and refuseth to do it it is right to dishonor and punish him.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Debt

Verily a man hath performed prayers fasts charity pilgrimage and all other good works; but he will not be rewarded except by the proportion of his understanding.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Understand

A mans first duty should be to his own family if poor.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Give

One who is riding should salute one who is walking one who is walking should salute one who is sitting and a small company should salute a large one.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Cook

Verily God will say on the Day of Judgement O children of Adam! I was sick and ye did not visit Me. And the sons of Adam will say O our defender how could we visit Thee? For thou art the Lord of the Universe and art free from sickness. And God will say O men! Such a one was sick and you did not visit him. And God will say O children of Adam I asked you for food and ye gave it me not? And the children of Adam will say O our patron how could we give Thee food seeing Thou art the cherisher of the Universe and art free from hunger and eating? And God will say Such a one asked you for bread and you did not give it him.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Sick

A young man came before the Rasul with a carpet and said O Rasul! I passed through a wood and heard the voices of young birds; and I took and put them into my carpet; and their mother came fluttering around my head and I uncovered the young and the mother fell down upon them then I wrapped them up in my carpet; and there are the young which I have. Then the Rasul said Put them down. And when he did so their mother joined them: and Muhammad said Do you wonder at the affection of the mother towards her young? I swear by Him who hath sent me verily God is more loving to His creatures than the mother to these young birds. Return them to the place from which ye took them and let their mother be with them.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Animals

Wealth properly employed is a blessing; and a man may lawfully endeavor to increase it by honest means.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Rich

No misfortune or vexation befalleth a servant of God small or great but on account of his faults committed: and most of these God forgiveth.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Misfortunes

Shall I not inform you of a better act than fasting alms and prayers? Making peace between one another: enmity and malice tear up heavenly rewards by the roots.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Peace

There is no child a doer of good to his parents who looketh on them with kindness and affection but God will grant with every look the rewards for an approved pilgrimage.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Parents

Be persistent in good actions.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Good

Can anyone walk through water without wetting his feet? The companions replied No; Muhammad said Such is the condition of those of the world; they are not safe from sins.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Sin

I and a woman whose color and cheeks shall have become black from toiling in the sun shall be near to one another in the next world as my two fingers; and that is a handsome widow whose color and cheeks shall have become black in bringing up her family.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Mother

Mankind will not go astray after having found the right road unless from disputation.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Mankind

God saith Verily my compassion overcometh my wrath.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Forgive

Verily the reward is as great as the misfortune; that is the more unfortunate and calamitous one is the greater and more perfect his reward. And verrily when God loveth a people He entangleth it in misfortune; therefore he who is resigned to the plesure of God in misfortune for him is Gods favor.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Punish

The holder of a monopoly is a sinner and an offender.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Unsorted

Say what is true although it may be bitter and displeasing to people.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Truth

The greatest crimes are to associate another with God to vex your father and mother to murder your own species to commit suicide and to swear to lie.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Crime

By what rule said Muhammad would you be guided O Muaz in your administration of Yeman? By the law of the Kuran. But if you find no direction in the Kuran? Then I will act according to the example of the Messenger of God. But if that faileth? Then I will exercise my own reason and judgement.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Qur"an

Four characteristics constitute anyone who possesses them a sheer hypocrite and anyone who possesses one of them possesses a characteristic of hypocrisy till he abandons it: when he is trusted he betrays his trust when he talks he lies when he makes a covenant he acts treacherously and when he quarrels he abuses.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Hypocrisy

Muhammad said one day to His companions Reverence God as becommeth you. They said Verily O Apostle of God we do reverence Him and praise be to God who hath imbued us with it. Then Muhammad said It is not so; but whoever reverenceth God as it is suitable for him to do must guard his head from humbling itself to others and from pride and arrogance towards God and Gods creatures; he must guard his senses from whatever is wrong and must guard his mouth from eating forbidden things and his heart from receiving what is prohibited; and he must keep his death in mind and the rotting of his bones. And whoever wisheth for future rewards must abandon the ornaments of the world. Therefore anyone attending to the aforementioned points has verily reverenced God as it his duty to do.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Reverence

When one of the family of Muhammad died and the women assemnled crying over the corpse Omar stood up to prevent them from crying and drive them away: but Muhammad said Let them alone O Omar because eyes are shedding tears; and the heart is stricken with calamity and sorrowful; and the time of misfortune near and fresh; and the crying of women is without wailing.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Compassion

The bringers of grain to the city to sell at a cheap rate gain immense advantage by it and those who keepeth back grain in order to sell at a high rate is cursed.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Monopoly

God hath not created anything better than Reason or anything more perfect or more beautiful than Reason; the benefits which God giveth are on its account; and understanding is by it and Gods wrath is caused by disregard of it.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Reason

Religion is admonition and it means being pure.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Pure

Keep fast and eat also stay awake at night and sleep also for verily there is a duty on you to your body not to labor overmuch so that ye may not get ill and destroy yourselves; and verily there is a duty on you to your eyes ye must sometimes sleep and give them rest; and verily there is a duty on you to your wife and to your visitors and guests that come to see you; ye must talk to them; and nobody hath kept fast who fasted always; the fast of three days in every month is equal to constant fasting: then keep three days fast in every month.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Abstinence

He who has in his heart as much faith as a grain of mustard seed will not enter hell and he who has in his heart as much pride as a grain of mustard seed will not enter paradise.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Faith

Modesty and chastity are part of the faith.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Chastity

When three persons are together two of them must not whisper to each other without letting the third hear until others are present because it would hurt him.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Courtesy

It is not right for a guest to stay so long as to incommode his host.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Hospitality

Those who are nearest to God are they who are first to give a salutation.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Desire

Much silence and a good disposition there are no two works better than those.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Quiet

Who are the learned? They who practise what they know.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Learn

All kinds of modesty are best.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Modesty

Muhammad said three days before his death Not one of you must die but with resignation to the will of God and with hope for his beneficence and pardon.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Death

All actions are judged by the motive prompting them.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Conscience

He is not a perfect man of fortitude who hath not fallen into misfortunes; and there is no physician but the experienced.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Experience

Who is the best man? Muhammad replied He is the best man whose life is long and whose actions are good. Then who is the worst man? He whose life is long and whose actions are bad.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Growth

Whoever bringeth the dead land to life; that is cultivateth waste land for him is reward therein.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Agriculture

Say your prayers standing; but if you are not able sitting; and if unable on your sides.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Prayer

God hath treasures beneath the Throne the keys whereof are the tongues of poets.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Poetry

Keep yourselves far from envy; it eateth up and taketh away good actions like as fire eateth up and burneth wood.
Prophet Muhammad   Category: Envy