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George Eliot quotes (77)

One must be poor to know the luxury of giving.
George Eliot   Category: Charity

A patronizing disposition always has its meaner side.
George Eliot   Category: Patronizing

It is possible to have a strong self-love without any self-satisfaction rather with a self-discontent which is the more intense because ones own little core of egoistic sensibility is a supreme care.
George Eliot   Category: Discontent

The strongest principle of growth lies in the human choice.
George Eliot   Category: Growth

Our consciousness rarely registers the beginning of a growth within us any more than without us: there have been many circulations of the sap before we detect the smallest sign of the bud.
George Eliot   Category: Begin

What do we live for if it is not to make life less difficult for each other.
George Eliot   Category: Help

Blessed is the influence of one true loving human soul on another.
George Eliot   Category: Influence

Human beings must have action; and they will make it if they cannot find it.
George Eliot   Category: Action

Any coward can fight a battle when hes sure of winning but give me the man who has pluck to fight when hes sure of losing. Thats my way sir; and there are many victories worse than a defeat.
George Eliot   Category: Cowardice

We hand folks over to God's mercy and show none ourselves.
George Eliot   Category: Mercy

Few women I fear have had such reason as I have to think the long sad years of youth were worth living for the sake of middle age.
George Eliot   Category: Age

Im proof against that word failure. Ive seen behind it. The only failure a man ought to fear is failure of cleaving to the purpose he sees to be best.
George Eliot   Category: Factory

Opposition may become sweet to a man when he has christened it persecution.
George Eliot   Category: Opposition

An election is coming. Universal peace is declared and the foxes have a sincere interest in prolonging the lives of the poultry.
George Eliot   Category: Peace

In all private quarrels the duller nature is triumphant by reason of dullness.
George Eliot   Category: Dull

No soul is desolate as long as there is a human being for whom it can feel trust and reverence.
George Eliot   Category: Trust

The desire to conquer is itself a sort of subjection.
George Eliot   Category: Conquer

No great deed is done by falterers who ask for certainty.
George Eliot   Category: Certainty

There are various orders of beauty causing men to make fools of themselves in various styles... but there is one order of beauty which seems made to turn the heads not only of men but of all intelligent mammals even of women. It is a beauty like that of kittens or very small downy ducks making gentle rippling noises with their soft bills or babies just beginning to toddle and to engage in conscious mischief a beauty with which you can never be angry but that you feel ready to crush for inability to comprehend the state of mind into which it throws you.
George Eliot   Category: Beauty

The beginning of an acquaintance whether with persons or things is to get a definite outline of our ignorance.
George Eliot   Category: Acquaintance

Excessive literary production is a social offense.
George Eliot   Category: Writing

Blessed is the man who having nothing to say abstains from giving us wordy evidence of the fact.
George Eliot   Category: Discretion

Its them as take advantage that get advantage i this world.
George Eliot   Category: Competence

Cruelty like every other vice requires no motive outside of itself; it only requires opportunity.
George Eliot   Category: Cruel

Among all forms of mistake prophecy is the most gratuitous.
George Eliot   Category: Prophecy

Our deeds still travel with us from afar And what we have been makes us what we are.
George Eliot   Category: Deeds

Abstinence is whereby a man refraineth from anything which he may lawfully claim.
George Eliot   Category: Abstinence

One way of getting an idea of our fellow-countrymens miseries is to go and look at their pleasures.
George Eliot   Category: Potential

It is only a poor sort of happiness that could ever come by caring very much about our own pleasures. We can only have the highest happiness such as goes along with being a great man by having wide thoughts and much feeling for the rest of the world as well as ourselves.
George Eliot   Category: Happiness

In spite of his practical ability some of his experience had petrified into maxims and quotations.
George Eliot   Category: Quotations

The best augury of a man's success in his profession is that he thinks it the finest in the world.
George Eliot   Category: Success

What makes life dreary is the want of a motive.
George Eliot   Category: Indifference

To act with doubleness towards a man whose own conduct was double was so near an approach to virtue that it deserved to be called by no meaner name than diplomacy.
George Eliot   Category: Diploma

A difference of taste in jokes is a great strain on the affections.
George Eliot   Category: Diet

More helpful than all wisdom is one draught of simple human pity that will not forsake us.
George Eliot   Category: Pity

Hatred is like fire; it makes even light rubbish deadly.
George Eliot   Category: Hate

He who rules must humor full as much as he commands.
George Eliot   Category: Humor

Breed is stronger than pasture.
George Eliot   Category: Ancestors

'Tis God gives skill But not without men's hands: He could not make Antonio Stradivari's violins Without Antonio.
George Eliot   Category: Skill

I should like to know what is the proper function of women if it is not to make reasons for husbands to stay at home and still stronger reasons for bachelors to go out.
George Eliot   Category: Bachelors

It is easy finding reasons why other folks should be patient.
George Eliot   Category: Patience

Its but little good youll do awatering the last years crop.
George Eliot   Category: Delay

People who cant be witty exert themselves to be devout and affectionate.
George Eliot   Category: Wit

An ass may bray a good while before he shakes the stars down.
George Eliot   Category: Ass

The sons of Judah have to choose that God may again choose them. The divine principle of our race is action choice resolved memory.
George Eliot   Category: Principle

Wear a smile and have friends; wear a scowl and have wrinkles. What do we live for if not to make the world less difficult for each other?
George Eliot   Category: Smile

Our virtues are dearer to us the more we have had to suffer for them. It is the same with our children. All profound affection entertains a sacrifice. Our thoughts are often worse than we are just as they are often better.
George Eliot   Category: Virtue

When death the great reconciler has come it is never our tenderness that we repent of but our severity.
George Eliot   Category: Death

It seems to me we can never give up longing and wishing while we are thoroughly alive. There are certain things we feel to be beautiful and good and we must hunger after them.
George Eliot   Category: Dream

What we call despair is often only the painful eagerness of unfed hope.
George Eliot   Category: Despair

Animals are such agreeable friends they ask no questions they pass no criticisms.
George Eliot   Category: Question

The responsibility of tolerance lies in those who have the wider vision.
George Eliot   Category: Tolerance

Only those who know the supremacy of the intellectual life can understand the grief of one who falls from that serene activity into the absorbing soul-wasting struggle with worldly annoyances.
George Eliot   Category: Unsorted

Hell is oneself; Hell is alone the other figures in it merely projections. There is nothing to escape from and nothing to escape to. One is always alone.
George Eliot   Category: Hell

Perhaps the most delightful friendships are those in which there is much agreement much disputation and yet more personal liking.
George Eliot   Category: Friendship

Pain is no evil unless it conquers us.
George Eliot   Category: Pain

Ive never any pity for conceited people because I think they carry their comfort about with them.
George Eliot   Category: Comfort

He was like the cock who thought the sun had risen to hear him crow.
George Eliot   Category: Sun

There is nothing that will kill a man so soon as having nobody to find fault with but himself.
George Eliot   Category: Fault

I desire no future that will break the ties with the past.
George Eliot   Category: Future

With memory set smarting like a reopened wound a mans past is not simply a dead history an outworn preparation of the present: it is a still quivering part of himself bringing shudders and bitter flavours and the tinglings of a merited shame.
George Eliot   Category: Past

Anger and jealousy can no more bear to lose sight of their objects than love.
George Eliot   Category: Anger

No story is the same to us after a lapse of time; or rather we who read it are no longer the same interpreters.
George Eliot   Category: Appreciation

Blows are sarcasms turned stupid.
George Eliot   Category: Sarcasm

The reward of one duty is the power to fulfill another.
George Eliot   Category: Duty

For what is love itself for the one we love best? An enfolding of immeasurable cares which yet are better than any joys outside our love.
George Eliot   Category: Love

Ignorance gives one a large range of probabilities.
George Eliot   Category: If

There is only one failure in life possible and that is not to be true to the best one knows.
George Eliot   Category: Life

A womans hopes are woven of sunbeams; a shadow annihilates them.
George Eliot   Category: Hope

Nothing is so good as it seems beforehand.
George Eliot   Category: Nothing

Iteration like friction is likely to generate heat instead of progress.
George Eliot   Category: Repeat

Sir Joshua would have been glad to take her portrait; and he would have had an easier task than the historian at least in this that he would not have had to represent the truth of change only to give stability to one beautiful moment.
George Eliot   Category: Art

What loneliness is more lonely than distrust?
George Eliot   Category: Lonely

Our passions do not live apart in locked chambers but dress in their small wardrobe of notions bring their provisions to a common table and mess together feeding out of the common store according to their appetite.
George Eliot   Category: Passion

If we had a keen vision and feeling it would be like hearing the grass grow and the squirrels heart beat and we should die of the roar which lies on the other side of silence. As it is the quickest of us walk about well wadded with stupidity.
George Eliot   Category: Grass

There is no feeling except the extremes of fear and grief that does not find relief in music.
George Eliot   Category: Music

I'm not denyin' the women are foolish: God Almighty made ‘em to match the men.
George Eliot   Category: Man